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Because it’s come to my attention that I’m being a little bit too doom and gloom at the moment I thought I would break the posts up with something a little different, something that isn’t all doom and gloom… I hope this isn’t a boring read for you all. Some might actually relate (parents I mean)

Now I’m not the perfect parent, nor are my children little angels… I am always the first to admit this, so whenever I give advice on children to people I usually lead with the joke of ”Kids are a lie, don’t do it, they’ll make you insane” I often get looks of disgust, because I think some people don’t get that I’m joking, I love my children, I love having children, my life has changed for the better since having children.. I mean I have these tiny 3 dudes who depend on me, love me unconditionally, they may not like some of the things I do or say, but they love me for me and all my crazy. I would do anything for those 3 little dudes.

But, they are also the only people in my life that know how to push every and I mean EVERY single button to get me to go off and hide with a coffee muttering to myself… I don’t often get bested by people but our kids know exactly how to do it, especially our eldest son who’s only 5… Bested by a 5 year old, I know crazy right?

Now let me give you some examples of what makes me go crazy from just the 5 year old… His name is Lucas, he was such an easy baby and toddler, he was well behaved, polite and friendly with everyone he met. He reached the age of 4 and BOOM, like a switch was flicked inside of him, he’s polite when it suits him, he behaves when it benefits him (sometimes that’s not even an insentive anymore) and friendly when it suits him. He loves being a big brother, he thinks it’s the most important job in the whole entire world, but then thinks he can get away with blaming his younger brothers for things, pinching pudding off them ect. Normal kid behaviour, normal sibling behaviour.

Our 2 year old, Theo, we like to refer to as feral child. This is because he’s a little behind on his speech so he communicates by running at you and screaming with something like his cup in his hand or a book in his hand and you get the message of what he wants. Sometimes he can ask, like ”Juice?” or ”Story?” He can say simple things like thank you, sorry, hello, bed time… but mostly he communicates in noise and points. He also prefers to run around with no trousers on, if you allowed it I’m sure he would run around naked since he tries to escape everytime you change his nappy…. and if he does you’ll hear him in a room shouting ”winky” and you can almost be CERTAIN that boy is in a corner or the middle of the room flicking his bits and giggling to himself.

Then we have our 3rd son, baby Ezra, he’s just coming up 4 months old now and my partner is convinced that he hates him already. He will scream and cry but the moment he hears mommy’s voice or sees my face it tends to light up into this cheeky double chinned grin and it’s adorable, but I do feel bad for my partner, I have tried to tell him the kids love him just mommy is mommy, Mommy is the sick nurse, the bedtime whisperer, the bath time entertainment, the dancing partner, the snack bringer, the wrestler. the dresser and the kisser of boo boos. They all just see us differently. They want fun and excitement they generally go to daddy because they know I’m boring haha!

My kids drive me crazy on a daily basis but I love them and all their different personalities. I joke about telling people not to do it because I want to make sure that said person is 100% ready for the tears, the tantrums, the smiles, the laughter and the different ways a child can ruin your day… for example, Lucas as a toddler… took off his nappy and smeared his poo all over his cot, himself, the walls, somehow got it on the ceiling and the dogs back… things like that can really put a dampen on your day, trust me… But it doesn’t mean you love them any less.

I know this was a bit of a random post, unstructured and unrelated to anything I’ve posted so far… But I thought I would try something a little different, light hearted to prove that me and my life isn’t all doom and gloom.

Thanks to anyone who read this!

Love to you all.

Terri =(^.^)=


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