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Do They Bug You Also?

I should apologise in advance as I will more than likely offend at least one person reading… It’s kind of how things work isn’t it?

So I meant to actually type this up last night and post it but I got hooked on something on netflix and then next thing I knew I had fallen asleep briefly sat up on the sofa and it was almost 6.30am … Not much point going to bed then when I have to be up in 30 minutes. I don’t get too much time in the day to be blogging because for anyone who doesn’t know my 2 year old Theo, he’s a clinger… He loves mommy so much and will not nap or go to sleep for anyone else. When he’s poorly, he’d rather share those germs with me the most, that kid is feral and doesn’t give a damn if he makes mommy poorly as long as he gets infinite cuddles and hair strokes, bit like our dog in that respect.. Maybe that’s why he’s feral, he’s trying to copy the dog rather than the people he lives with.. Interesting thought that.

Well anyway, getting kind of off topic now. Someone on my facebook highlighted a very important issue which struck a chord with me because it’s something that has really really bugged me for ages.

The word ‘triggered’ and everyone that flipping uses it.

  NOWWW, hold up before you call the firing squad to have it out with me, settle your tushs down and hear me out first. You might still want to shoot me afterwards, that is also fine.. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, hell, I’m not even some people’s shot of vodka. So it’s cool. We’re good.

I don’t mean people who are genuinely triggered by things, I have triggers for pete’s sake (sorry pete) I mean the people who throw that word around like it makes them some special snowflake, the ones who are triggered over obscure things or by literally everything. Again I don’t mean everyone, some people are genuine … I’m more so talking about the self loathing place of Tumblr… There seems to be a hell of a lot of ‘triggered’ people all hanging out there, is it a cult? I don’t know. Some of these people are throwing this word around like it’s cool when in actual fact it isn’t, it’s FUDGING SCARY.

(I’m making a point to try and swear less, I’m a sweary momma and it’s not good)

I feel that these people who aren’t even genuine about being triggered by things is taking it away from people who suffer various mental health problems or PTSD sufferers because a lot of people are laughing at the nonces on Tumblr. I know, I’m one of the people who laughs sometimes at the people on Tumblr. (I’m sorry, I’m not even human)

It bugs me because, these people who suffer things like PTSD, they don’t run their mouths about something triggering them.. IF SOMETHING TRIGGERS ME I HIDE IN MY HIDEY HOLE. I deal with it myself, I go through the emotions, I overcome it, I don’t die so it’s fine. I don’t tell someone about it, I pretend I wasn’t even fazed by it. I personally want people to view me as normal (I know, I’m nuts to even think that possible right?) so why, WHY on earth would I draw attention to my abnormalities of me going a little nuts half way through a conversation because someone made a joke that triggered something in me? I wouldn’t would I? That’s why I find it hard to even trust people on Tumblr (I don’t visit anymore, it’s a weird place.. hentai pops up frequently) when they say it’s triggered me.


I know my kids think I’m a Wizard and can do amazing things like read minds and stuff but, I can’t actually do it. Unless you have told me what your past trauma is, I will not know what’s happened to you prior to me meeting you, therefor I will not know what not to say in front of you, or what not to do. It’s pretty simple really isn’t it?

Rule it this way, if someone says something as a joke that offends me, I have chosen to take offence to it when the person who said it was joking. They didn’t go out of their way to hurt my feelings (by the way, they died a long time ago, you can’t upset me unless you’re a dirty tea spoon in my living room) I shouldn’t be making that person feel bad for joking, so that’s the point I’m trying to kind of get across here. How ‘triggered’ is a banned word from now on, it bugs me how it’s thrown about.

Love to you all!!

Terri =(^.^)=


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