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As promised I will also be doing some bitty posts and reviews inbetween now and Thursday when I post the next Mental Health post.

Recently, and by that I mean the beginning of January.. I joined the gym.. Yeah, Terri who is very anti gym and spits in disgust whenever it’s mentioned to her joined the GYM! Shocking I know but after baby number 3 I found an even bigger thing to hate about myself and it was this disgusting lump of body that stares me out in the mirror every morning when I’m getting ready for the day.

I have put on a substantial amount of weight over the years, but I’ve never been this disgusted when I look at myself before so I took it upon myself to join the  gym, hoping to shed fast and keep it all off. I mean so far I’ve stayed at the exact same weight but because of various reasons and stuff I have only been a total of about 9 days since January… So  that might be the reason for  it 😉

So I don’t come across as this vain and self absorbed person I didn’t JUST join the gym for the physical benefits but the mental benefits of it all too, because yes! Exercise does really help improve your moods when you’re low and not feeling great.

Now, it was devised that I would have 4 different work outs for different days of the week (I haven’t even started it yet, it’s always been oh, I’ll do it tomorrow thing) But I’m back at the gym next week although the thought kind of scares the crap out of me… I’m going to work hard on me, because if I can’t love myself who else can love me. So I’m running the same principle on my body, if I don’t look at myself naked and want to sleep with me who else would? Right? I’m probably wrong but oh well. I usually  am, I’m at terms with this now.

So for the interest of the few, My  work out routines as followed.

Workout A

50 Jumping Jacks

50 High Knees

25 Leg Raises

50 Second Plank

3 Sets of  20 Crunches

3 Sets  of 20 side crunches

Workout B

25 push ups

25 burpies

25 sit ups

25 lunges

3 Sets of  20 Crunches

3 Sets  of 20 side crunches

Workout C

50 Squats

50 Dips

25 Jump Lunges

25 Tuck Jumps

3 Sets of  20 Crunches

3 Sets  of 20 side crunches

Workout D

3 Sets of  20 Crunches

3 Sets  of 20 side crunches


I alternate what days  I do what, and where my res t days will be etc… but I’m pretty sure for the first 2 months at least I’m going to be dead inside. For the greater good though right? So anyone fancy trying this out and letting me know how they get on with it? I’m incredibly unfit so I’m planning on dying after work out A haha.

Love to you all!! xxx

Terri  =(^.^)=


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