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  Hello! Welcome back! 3rd time today right? Welcome all the same. We’re going to play a little bit of get to know the person behind that weird awkward smile! 

I have prepared some things for just this post!

– Why is half my face missing I hear you ask yourself? Because I hate looking at my face, can just about stomach half of it.

– Favourite colour? Lilac (I must be that special snowflake)

– Favourite Music? Kpop, all day and every day!

– Favourite movie genre? Horror, more specifically Zombies.

– Favourite Food? Pizza, spicy Pizza.. ALL THE PIZZA NOW.

– Favourite animal? Shark, not picky, I love sharks they’re majestic and beautiful creatures.

– Favourite thing to do? Meme collection, I am the meme collector, I have one for all occassions. I actually have folders on my phone, spider man memes, kpop memes, game memes etc. I’m obsessed.

  So some basic stuff that probably got skipped over till the meme section and now there is a guy sat there thinking “Jesus, she is more obsessed than me!” It’s cool, I should of been born a guy anyway.

  Now, a little more about me.. I know I’m so obsessed with myself aren’t I? 

  Hello, I am Terri. I’ve just turned 26, I’m engaged to be married when I can be bothered to save the money to the man I’ve spent almost 9 years of my life with. Long ass time for someone who’s 2 screws away from rocking in a corner singing lullabies to my pet woodlouse right? We have 3 kickass little dudes together and 4 semi ok furry kids. We have our eldest, Lucas who’s 6 this year. Theo who just turned 2, and little baby Ezra who’s almost 4 months old, I know I’m doing alright here aren’t I, 3 sons, close in age.. Teenage years are going to be feckin hilariously fun right… [sobs internally] Then we have our big soft daft brush of a dog, Bren. He’s a collie crossed with a german shepherd who thinks he’s a lap dog and is the goodest boy.. Just ask him. Then we have our 3 felines, Cupcake, Luna and Gizmo. The ladies that run the house really.


  This is the house dynamic, it’s pretty busy in this house.. especially from the hours of 11pm – 4am when the ladies of the house decide this is excellent cup breaking hours and running around like they’re on crack.

  I am the kind of person who will sit up until 6am playing video games or watching stupid videos on the interwebs and then sleep for 30 minutes before getting up to get the eldest ready and fed for school and take him off to school, then I will spend the day playing dinosaurs with our 2 year old whilst also playing endless games of peekaboo and napping at some point in the day with our 2 year old (please don’t give up those naps anytime soon, I will not survive) I’m slack on housework, I hate doing it, I love having a clean, tidy house where everything is in it’s place but apparently I am the only one who likes the house that way since I’m the only one who picks up after myself.

  I watch a lot of Kdrama and Jdrama, listen to only kpop (I haven’t a clue what the most recent mainstream music is) I read a lot and write fanfics. I play dating sims on my phone (because I’m a loser) I am the homework master, at the moment he only gets english homework and I love english.  I write my own stories (but never finish them because I get writers block, come back several months later and hate everything that I wrote)

  I practically live off of snack food, coffee and monster energy drinks (I never said my regular health was any better) And hyperventerlate in the back of taxi’s when they try and converse with me or make eye contact.

  Known for making stupid noises really loudly in public, dancing in public, randomly exercising wherever I am, conversing with cute doggos, befriending cats and playing rock paper scissors with kids on the bus. Also I post a lot of animal videos, post memes daily and laugh at my own jokes (someone’s gotta right?) Have regular contests in public with my best friend oh who can be the creepiest and weirdest out of the two of us, I usually win, he’s just not willing to go as far as me. Regular tell people to ”Fight me, you little bitch” and use loving words to call my partner like “dick”

Well who feels like they know more about me? Now who’s thinking she’s a dick, let’s leave before she notices? I won’t be offended, you gotta be able to have control over your feelings to feel at will.

Good night my friends!

Terri =(^.^)=




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