Kpop Picks


GOOD EVENING! My adorable squishies that return time and time again, you literally make me feel less alone by just reading my stuff and liking it, you honestly are sometimes the glue that keeps my shit together and you don’t even know it! I write this blog really for myself, and I just wanna write stuff it helps focus my negative thoughts and was suggested by my therapist, it works… When I’m feeling off or funny I write a blog post and it can be about anything and you guys read it and it gives me little butterflies.. so thank you for being my glue! Here are your picks of kpop songs this month, I hope you enjoy and as always smash like, sub, follow on all of my accounts if you would! Love you all!

  1. Likey – Twice


2. Spring Day – BTS

spring day.gif

3. Miniskirt – A.O.A


4. Ice Cream Cake – Red Velvet

ice cream cake

5. If You Do – GOT7

if you do.gif

6. Limitless – NCT


7. Mr Simple – Super Junior

mr simple.gif

8. Lion Heart – Girl’s Generation

lion heart.gif

9. Growl – Exo


10. Baam – Momoland


I like these songs not just for how catchy they all are, but the dances are pretty awesome and fun to dance along to as well. Check them out and check back next month for some more kpop songs for your delight!

Love to you all!

Terri =(^.^)=


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