Hey my adorable little squishies! It’s that time again, Horror picks for the month. I’ve actually been on a bit of a binge recently so I’ve got some cool horror films for you to watch. This month I’m afraid to tell you are all Korean horror films – But before you roll your eyes and skip out hear me out! I’m a massive horror fanatic and I wouldn’t give you these recommendations if they weren’t worth it I promise. Without further delay…Β 


  1. The Whispering – This film I was a bit iffy on because I read the bio for it and I was like eh that doesn’t sound like the most interesting film really but I put it on anyway, because why the hell not? I’ve watched some real shitty horrors in my life and I thought I just want to grab another horror film to place under my belt. I was actually happily surprised by this film. It takes a little bit to get going, I’ll give it that, but it does not disappoint! Got some awesome jump scares in there, got a nice little twist at the end, which will probably frustrate you like it did me. Give it a watch, it’s good I promise you!


2. Gonjiam : Haunted Asylum – I was a skeptic about this film as well, but I was intrigued enough to stick it on because Asylums always make for the best kinda spooks, and I was correct… It’s got creepy down, it’s got jump scares, it’s got over the top squealing from a guy character and it’s got some haunted paranormal investigator things trying to scare their volunteers… This film is really awesome and I’d actually watch this one before you watch any of the others on the list of recommendations for this month!


3. The Cat – I know I know, pretty dull ass name but it’s a good film I promise. And it’s ending is a bit woah if you ask me… I can’t really say much about this film without giving away what happens so just go and give it a watch loves.


4. The Mimic – I actually watched this when it popped up on sky movies demand films. Because I love horror films and I do love korean horrors they’re just something else and in a league of their own. Again, I can’t say too much without giving away vital story and ruining the film for your viewing pleasure but I like this film that much I’ve watched it a few times now πŸ˜‰


5. Don’t Click – It’s got a feel of the ring to it, like with the whole you watch a video and bad shit starts happening ? That is the ring isn’t it? Lmao.. It’s been that long I honestly can’t even remember now… But yeah, it’s based around a forbidden video on the deep dark web and the video changes and it’s awesome…. GET ON IT!




Tomo Unlimited – this film made me cringe and laugh all at once, whilst it’s a little gorey and that it’s a joke within itself and I just couldn’t stop watching it, so if you want a bit of an easy going horror that is literally more gore and over the top shit check this out, it’s japanese so if you don’t know japanese you will need the subs on.


Anyway! That’s it for this month, I hope you go and watch these films they really are awesome films I promise.. Until next time my LOVELY ADORABLE SQUISHIES! (sorry I’m a little hyperactive today)

Much Love To You All!

Terri =(^.^)=


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