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  So hey my squishies, I saw on one of my favourite blogs that they did a kpop questions and they were so so long that I thought it would be better if I answer them all in a post of my own 🙂 Hope you enjoy this as much as me. Love you!!

FIRSTLY here’s the link to the original! Make sure to check her out and give her a follow 🙂 Midnight Wanderer

  1. Favourite Groups?

Day6, NCT, Pentagon, Exo









2. What’s your current favourite group & bias?

Day6 and obviously it’s going to be Sung Jin and his adorable yet infectious smile.


3. All time bias?

Kim Seok Jin (BTS)


4. Favourite maknae?

Hmm, that is a tough question, but I’ve got to say it’s Jeon Jeong Guk. (BTS)


5. Favourite Leader?

JB (Got7) He’s handsome, amazing at dancing and seems to really care for his fellow team members, plus his smile is just perfect.


6. Favourite Japanese version of a song?

I don’t actually have favourite japanese versions of songs if I’m honest. I have favourite chinese versions? If that counts? lmao.

7. Favourite English version of a song?

Day6 – Congratulations – I absolutely adore this song.

8. Favourite Album?

Don’t Mess Up My Tempo – Exo

9. Favourite under-appreciated group?

N-Flying – I think they’re quirky and adorable and deserve more appreciation!

10. Favourite music video ?

Spring Day – BTS I think that video is actually amazing and put together in such a way which leaves you glued to the screen, it’s beautiful.

11. Favourite remix??

Mic Drop – BTS (steve aoki) I love the original song but man the remix is super ultra awesome as well.

12. Favourite Song?

ATM? Valkyrie by Oneus or Simon Says by NCT

13. Which group is the best at dancing?

Like me personally? I am always mesmerized watching any of them dance if I’m perfectly honest but I do find myself extra glued to the screen with Got7, exo or NCT

14. A group you’ve gotten into recently?

I tend to follow a lot of groups from the get go but I’ve really hard gotten into pentagon at the moment, I’m infatuated with them.

15. Favourite member from them?

Wooseok? He’s tall and adorable in his own way.


16. Favourite english speaking idol?

Jae (Day6)

17. List of all your favourite groups and bias from them… OKAY.

Day6 – Sungjin

Exo – Suho

Pentagon – Wooseok

NCT – Hansol

BTS – Jin

Twice – Momo

Astro – Eun Woo

18. Favourite groups and bias wreckers from them… OKAY.

Day6 – Young K

Exo – Baekhyun

Pentagon – E.Dawn

NCT – Jihoon

BTS – Jimin

Twice – Jihyo

Astro – Rocky


Well that was mighty fun to do, sorry I didn’t do as many pictures as my friendly blogger did, I was rushed for time! 😦 And I really couldn’t wait to do this post to be perfectly honest!

See you all next time (sorry I haven’t posted much recently, been a bit ill!)

Love to all my squishies!

Terri =(^.^)=


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