Kdrama Picks

Kdrama Picks This Month

  Hey my lovely adorable squishies! Welcome back for some more awesome kdramas to pick up and watch ! I had originally thought I’d already done my drama picks for this month but I was wrong! D; foolish me ! SOO in no particular order and I’m dropping the rating system because I am only going to give you dramas I love haha which are a lot! Enjoy and as always smash like, follow, share for me!



  1. My Strange Hero – Yeah, I love this, it’s actually adorable and the way he goes back to school and kicks ass and is cocky as hell? He looks killer in uniform to and as always that smile is killer and I love him for it. He plays the lead guy in this drama alongside a really cool female lead, it’s got the school setting that you love, the sappy adorable yet tragic love story and there is a triangle of love and let me tell you there will be no SLS(second lead syndrome) here because the other guy is an absolute tool and I want to punch him. Check it out! mystrangehero

2. Remember – I absolutely love this, it’s got those tear jerking moments through out the whole drama.. He becomes a kick ass attorney and basically kicks ass and takes names! I won’t state any story line because you need to watch it yourself to fully appreciate it’s awesome.


3. I am not a Robot – I love this so much I actually watched through it twice, I thought it was really sad but lovely at the same time. PREPARE YOUR TISSUES!!!!


4. Operation Proposal – This was fun to watch, they are hour long episodes but it’s really fun I promise you will not be disappointed by this watch!

operation proposal

5. Master Of Study – This is a good drama, I wasn’t as impressed with this drama I’ll admit but it was still a good watch. I recommend watching the other 4 first to see what I’m on about.


Thank you for being here, love to see you all again soon. Look out for next months top 5 dramas to watch. Till then.


Love to you all my SQUISHIES!

Terri =(^.^)=


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