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Gillettes New Ad

  HeyHey my Squishies, welcome back.. This is a pretty random post that doesn’t really fit in anywhere but I’ve seen a lot of debate going off about their new ad (which by the way I think is awesome and no I’m not a feminist) I’ll explain in a minute why I think this ad is amazing. As always smash like follow share and stuff.

Right, so this is the advert in question. I’m not entirely sure what is making Men so butt hurt about it, it’s a fantastic advert. 

Whilst I saw that a lot of the comments were complaining that it’s making it out that men are horrible creatures that bully, sexually harass people, but guess what… it’s because the target market for this product well, are MALE. There would be more backlash for them including females (I’m just saying – how about we stop and cut the crap here the target market for Gillette Razors are MEN) 

I understand that females can be just as toxic, can sexually harass men as well but focus on the message that Gillette are trying to put here. 

“All men should be held accountable for other men” Basically (for the ones with brains to small to comprehend the ingenious behind this advert because it’s hurting their manhood) IF you see something that isn’t right, like another male sexually harassing a female which you know they don’t want, Speak up, tell them it’s not cool. IF you see others bullying someone else, Speak up, tell them it’s not cool. And you know what, same can be said for females (whilst I’m at it) If you see something that isn’t right, SPEAK THE FUCK UP. 

  The only way this world will ever see some change is if people start speaking up, everyone has the ability to speak up for people that may not be as strong as you are, but you have the right to speak up for them. Speak up for the weak, Protect the weak, MAKE A DAMN STAND.

If everyone can just be a little nicer and teach the children that this is how we should behave and act, then maybe the next generation won’t be as screwed up? Right? 

Everyone should be accountable for the way in which this world works, everyone should be held accountable for everyone, because together we can make a change, we can make it a better place for the younger generation. I just know we can, and we should.

What are your thoughts on the new Gillette Ad? Lemme know in the comments section! 

Much love my squishies

Terri =(^.^)=



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