Mental Health Journey

Don’t Tell Me How To Feel

Hey Hey my Squishies, today we’ll just do a quick snippy mental health post.. Because I haven’t done one in a while… And I feel bad for not doing any, but I’ve been trying to put more fun things that I’m interested in on my blog rather than being all doom and gloom.

One thing first, whilst yes I have pretty shocking mental health, and I am receiving ZERO help for it, it doesn’t define me, my mental health isn’t me, I have dreams, I have interests, I have things that do make me smile… So I would like to include it all together because whilst mental health is a part of me (a pretty big one I’ll admit) I don’t want people to only think of the negative when they think of me.


So, this post is mostly because just lately I’ve seen a lot of my friends apologising for the way they feel, feeling like a burden and like they shouldn’t be venting out on social media and such. STOP. Stop right there, yeah that’s right, you there now.

Validate your feelings friend, you are not a burden, vent! For goodness sake, if you’re not okay I would much rather when I ask how you are you just tell me you’re not doing okay, that I can deal with, I can try and offer advice and some support. Support is what you need, not for whoever has been making you feel less about your own feelings. Depression is a serious thing people, it’s not just something that goes away on it’s own, as a way of putting it across more boldly “TAKE THAT BULL BY THE HORNS AND TELL IT YOU WON’T BE IT’S LITTLE BITCH ANYMORE” I’m serious by the way. Name it, tell it you won’t let that little shit run your life anymore, take back control, seek advice, seek help and support. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

Don’t ever feel like your feelings aren’t as bad as someone elses just because they’ve had it worse, you have every right in the world to feel the way you feel right now, there’s no shame in it, you are not a burden, anyone who tells you that you’re a burden… Send them to me and I’ll tell them what’s what. Vent, you know what, even if 90% of your posts over a period of 2 weeks are all about you being depressed, not knowing what to do, VENT IT… You will feel a sense of relief just acknowledging that you’re not okay and telling everyone this, you are understanding that you’re not okay and that’s perfectly O-KAY.

You’re doing a good job pal, don’t worry about what others think about you being depressed all the time, I understand you, I live my life constantly depressed and I’ve got to somehow spout off to my children about how I’m okay because they’re not at an age to understand my brain (I’m almost 27 and I don’t understand that shitstorm) but we’re trying to teach our children to understand and acknowledge their own feelings, teach them how to deal with them (which is rich coming from someone who has zero control over her own feelings and doesn’t understand them one bit) So let me tell you again squishy, YOUR FEELINGS ARE VALID.

Sorry, I sound like I’m telling someone off, I’m not telling you off, I’m telling the idiots who’ve been brainwashing you into thinking your feelings aren’t valid and that you’re a burden.

Just so all my Squishies know, my inbox on facebook, Instagram, Twitter and comments section on here, they are ALL open for you if you ever need someone to talk to, My ears are always listening because sometimes that is all we need, we just need someone to listen to us and sometimes they don’t even have to say anything other than “I hear you”

We Just Want To Be Heard.

So next time anyone tries to tell you that your feelings aren’t valid, grab their face and tell them they have no rights, no right to tell you how you feel.

Don’t tell me how I feel, because I know how I feel, you do not. I’m the one living with the feelings, not you. My feelings are ALWAYS valid, even if you can’t understand why we’re feeling this way, just know that we probably don’t know either, but even if we do, we are not obliged to fake happiness because you don’t think it’s ‘serious’ enough for us to be upset over… If I want to spend an hour crying on the cold kitchen floor because there’s no clean spoons, JUST LET ME BE, pat my back, clean the spoons for me, but NEVER belittle our feelings.

Much Love To You All Squishies!

Terri =(^.^)=


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