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10 Kpop Songs To Tickle Your Pickle

Hey Hey Hey my lovely followers, I trust you are all doing super duper fantastico? Whilst yes, I’ve been a little out of sorts and not here – I’m not doing 100% well but I’m not at the point that I need to take a breather and recharge just yet, so after umming and ahhing for absolutely months I have realised… Write what you are passionate about, and well blogging will literally be easy peasey lemon squeezy. So guys, you will see a lot of Kdrama, a lot of Kpop, a lot of horror… AND a lot of TV/films and games. You’re very welcome, I’ve found my place. So today, I’m going to hit you up with 10 catchy kpop songs that you should tune into, check them out and as always smash like, follow on all my social medias. ❤ Enjoy my Squishies!

1. Idol – BTS – Many many know that I’ve been a massive BTS fan since their debut, well I actually stopped listening to them so much when they started getting super duper popular because they were everywhere (I’m sorry, I sound like a right hipster now) but recently I started listening to them again, Idol is one of my favourite songs atm, not the crappy version with Nikki Minaj in (sorry boys but you seriously did ruin a great song by including her in another version of Idol – I still love you all though) The video is lit, the song is catchy and you get to see the boys doing their thang and not giving a damn. It’s perfect.

2. Baby – Astro – I love Astro, I think their songs are super adorable, the visuals are to die for, the dances are pretty easy to follow (even for the uncoordinated) Eun Woo is what I’m down to be adoring, I’ll be 100% honest here. He is 100% amazing to look at, clearly he’s the visuals for the group, and he has a killer smile… I’m a sucka for a tempting smile.

3. Tempo – Exo – I am prepared to slap anyone who dares to say this song is not catchy, visually appealing and that you aren’t all super extremely excited for the small snippets of Lay you see returning in this video… Honestly, I screamed and couldn’t believe that Lay had come back to exo finally. I’m super in love with Lay and his dancing is mesmerizing and his cute dimple when he smiles… WOAH *fans myself*

4. Ice Cream – Hyuna – I am not really the biggest fan of Hyuna, I don’t know why… I just love her songs for x amount of weeks and then I’m sick of hearing her but this song no matter how many times I hear it, I love it. The video is pretty cool too and I love how pretty Hyuna is, I wish I was that thin and beautiful.

5. Naughty Boy – Pentagon – I have the major hots for Pentagon haha, I’m in love with practically all their songs if I’m honest. This one, I don’t know, just feels like it shows off their boyish charms and the video is perdy cool too. Dance is pretty straight forward and easy to follow, it’s catchy as hell and you can’t help but bop along to it.

6. Get Cool – Stray Kids – I’m a bit of a Stray Kids whore atm. I’ve been watching them since before their debut and just continued, they’re amazing. Try and tell me otherwise! The boys are super cute (bit young for me really) their vocals are on point and BAM do they know how to do a catchy tune and awesome dance.

7. Yes or Yes – Twice – I’ll admit, this song grew on me, I hated it when I listened to it at first but then it’s like boom out of nowhere, it’s catchy as hell and the video is kickass. I love the dance to this song to.

8. Get It – Pristin – I have listened to them in passing since debut, I tend to follow boy groups more, their dances are just cooler to watch, but I do listen to girl groups as well and this song in particular I love a lot, the dance is great, I love the video to this song as well and the song is catchy. (Isn’t all kpop though?)

9. Bad Boy – Red Velvet – You know where I first heard of Red Velvet? In a Kdrama, and from that day on I’ve listened to them more and more because their songs are pretty neat and the dances are mesmerizing to watch. This song is awesome and I love the video to it as well.

10. Just Right – GOT7 – Another boy group that I’ve fangirled over since debut. This song is fun, the video is cute and colourful, the dance is amazing and I love copying it (fat hot sweaty mess comes to mind) and the song is so catchy you can’t help but smile a long and bop away.

So, there you have it. The top 10 tracks for this month – Hope you all enjoyed and will come back next month for another kpop fuelled post! Hope you have a fantastical day/night my Squishies (just so you know, that’s what you’re all called now that follow me on Insta, Facebook, Twitter and my blog – You’re all My Squishies!)

Much Love To You All

Terri =(^.^)=


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