Kpop Picks

Kpop Picks (It’s Life)

WELCOME BACK Y’ALL… today is a kpop awesome related shit post that you won’t want to read unless you are super dweeby like me and sit their listening to kickass k pop songs, watching them dance and thinking you’d also look that cool when in fact you look like a special snowflake that is having a seizure. LET’S GET THIS THING ROLLLLLING

Why? Why is K pop Life? You know when you’re feeling down, when you’re angry, when you’re bored, depressed or just flat out think you’ve lost interest in music? WELL NO MORE SON! Look to k pop, k pop is always there reaching it’s hand out towards you, it’s fresh, it’s catchy, the dances are amazing, the voices are sensational and NO you do not need to speak korean to find it catchy and easy to listen to, PSY – Gangnam Style, how many of you loved that song and danced a long to it at the pub after 10 pints of beer… I know I did.

I’ll will give you a run down now of some groups that you should check out and what songs to tune into, which will not only have awesome catchy beats, but awesome dance moves and some attractive males/females for you to watch as well. (Peeked your interest now haven’t I??)

1. GOT7 – Just Right. This song is catchy as hell, if you read the english subs on the video it’s a really nice song as well(for the people who don’t have the time to learn some korean before watching of course) The dance is really fun to watch and easy to copy to (or at least it was for me – not sure about you of course) AND there are at least 4 members that you will find attractive enough to keep you interested. (This is a male group)

2. BTS – Idol. I didn’t actually originally like this song because I’d only heard the one with Nikki Minaj in and I can’t stand her but fear not there is just a BTS version of the song as well which in my opinion is so much better. Colourful, catchy and the dance is amazing to watch. Personally I think all the boys from BTS are attractive, but to each their own I guess.

3. Twice – Likey. This is one of those songs that really gets you booty wiggling, it’s so damn catchy it’s like a damn disease. It gets right into your bones. It’s pleasing to watch, dance is super easy to learn (chorus part at least haven’t attempted the rest) and they’re all pretty damn attractive females.

4. Exo – The Eve. I’m a massive fan of these guys too and I was trying to think of which song to do, so I will throw in a suggestion here too, listen to Tempo as well, both songs are catchy, The Eve’s dance is sexier to watch but Tempo is fun to watch and copy.

5. Pristin V – Get It. Originally I didn’t really like this song, but it popped up so much on most watched kpop videos and suggestions that I gave it a listen and I was instantly hooked. The song is catchy, the dance is cool to watch and I have high hopes for this girl group to go far!

That’s all for this month, I hope you enjoyed and come back for more next month as well! I hope I’ve gotten some more people listening to the delightful kpop music as well.

Much Love To You All

Terri =(^.^)=


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