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Today! That’s right I’m going to be a teenage dirtbag and give you a run off of my husbando’s! You didn’t ask for it? Tough luck people, you’re getting it anyway… Content is slipping downhill I’m so sorry (not really) hahaha. Enjoy.

They’re not in any particular order really, just some cute faces and what not to look at and go YEAHHHH BOIIII to. Enjoy.

1. Kim Woo-Bin (The Heirs) – I first saw this fine man in The Heirs and he was so loveable… Literally a “villain” type character because he’s just a total bell at the beginning but you start to root for him and feel so bad for me as it’s evident that he is in love for the first time with the main female but she just isn’t interested. I still feel bad for the guy now, years after watching him in this drama. He has also done his own thing in Uncontrollably Fond, where he is a dying man (which is super sad because not long after his company came out to say he was taking a break from acting and singing because of cancer which he is currently still fighting – stay strong)


2. Lee Seung-gi (You’re all Surrounded) – You’re all Surrounded is the only thing I needed to see him in to be in love with him. His acting was so amazing, his visuals are so good as well. He’s got the bad boy kind of look about him, but with a marshmellow centre once the others got to know him. I hear he’s a pretty funny and down to earth guy outside of acting as well, I mean I can’t speak for that as I don’t know him personally.


3. Lee Jong-suk (While You Were Sleeping) – I’m really trying to remember the first thing I saw him in now, but I just don’t know… But I haven’t seen a single thing he’s been in that I don’t like now… From Pinocchio all the way to While you were sleeping, he’s amazing in everything he does and MY GOD those visuals, he is one fine looking man, like I’m always in awe. Couple of his dramas or films you do see him without a top on (even if it’s only brief – you’re welcome)


4.Ji Chang-wook (Suspicious Partners) – Now I have actually seen him in quite a few things but my real LOVE for this man came from Suspicious Partners that he did just before enlisting. The character is such a loveable character, he does these cute but strange things when he doesn’t have the main female lead in his life because she “intrudes” his life as he puts it therefore she makes his life less boring and I think it’s really cute. His character is bother childish and adorable as he also makes your heart swoon from the manly things he will do and say to keep you safe.


5. Cha Eun-woo (Astro)- Revenge Note really got me good with this one. I used to like him in a sort of off glance kind of way before (I’ve been listening to astro for a while now) But then I saw his cute side in a drama web series he was in and I was in love with him. His facial expressions, the way he carries himself and even the humour. He just has one of those faces that’s too cute not to love.


6. Park Sung Jin (Day6) – I’ve been listening to Day6 since they debuted and I’ve not been disappointed yet. I used to have this massive crush on Young K, not just for his looks, but for the silly videos the group post of them all being children and having a laugh, he was always so extra and funny but MANNNN Sung Jin and those vocals, makes my knees weak, it really does. His voice has a certain rasp to it that just makes you melt. It’s beautiful.


7. Lim Jae-beom (JB from GOT7) – I watched him in dream high 2, didn’t realise it was him to be honest and I think he should continue with acting because he was like my fav character in dream high 2. Right from his looks, his dimple when he smiles, the way his eyes wrinkle up when he smiles or pulls a silly face are just so damn attractive. The faces he pulls when he’s dancing sometimes scream “get to bed” and it’s like wow… How can someone portray such sexiness from a look?? (lmao)


8. Lee Jun-ho (2pm) – I’ve been a fan of 2pm for a while, this guy pretty much attracted me because he comes across as the aloof grumpy member of the group who doesn’t really talk much or interact much and then I saw him in his latest drama and I was literally in love, not sure whether with him or the character that he is portraying, probably a bit of both to be honest. He manages to pull off cute and sexy all at the same time, which is a damn accomplishment in itself. His vocals are amazing and make me smile, and watching him dance is mesmerizing.


Anyway, I’ll stop gushing over korean celebrities as it probably bores you to tears. As always thanks for tuning in and don’t forget to give me a like, share, follow and check me out on all my other social media pages and channels.

Much Love To You All

Terri =(^.^)=


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