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  Hello! And welcome all back to my crazy mess of rambles. I often wonder why I get people come back time and time again to read the nonsense I post but whatever, I won’t question your full on loyalty to my crazy, that’s your business. Today I’m going to hit you up with some cool horror movies that I think you should give a watch. I watch a hell of a lot of B movies, because I love them so much, cheaply made monster movies are the actual BOMB. So I’m going to chuck at you 5 films that you may or may not of seen/heard of already and then you should definitely check them out because let’s face it, I only give you the best stuff to do and watch. LET’S GET THE BALL ROLLIN’ WITH.

1. Frankenfish – Have you seen this beautiful work of art yet? Oh boy! I love this film, it’s probably one of my favourite B movies ever. I hadn’t seen it and I was just getting into B movies (the acting is sublimely bad in b movies which just adds to the humour) and my older brother Nick directed me to this film, and oh my am I glad he did. They have your humour covered, your minority covered, in the middle of nowhere and can’t escape for shit covered, badish acting covered. And the BEST monster dwelling in them delightfully sludgy swamp waters that you know, SURROUND where you are. Seriously, if you love B movies like me and haven’t seen this film, give it a watch because I think it’s excellent.


2. Zombeavers – Just from the name you just know that this is going to be a sweet ass film. And yes, believe me it’s as amazingly funny and addictive as the name would suggest. From the funny ‘bad’ guy to the over expressed screams of horror and badly zombeavers popping up everywhere this film is sure to give you a good ole chuckle from start to finish. It’s one of those, it’s so bad it’s amazingly good. And you can see from the poster picture below that it’s going to be amazing, just look at that zombeaver!zombeavers

3. Megapython vs. Gatoroid – As if B movies couldn’t get any better, this one isn’t even a fight between normal ass animals but a bloody MEGApython and a Gatoroid, yes exactly as it sounds, way over the top and hilarious in all ways, shapes and forms. Whilst they cut their costs by copying and pasting bits and pieces here and there like when there’s a big ole party going on and then cut scenes to slow ass looped videos of gatoroids and megapythons coming towards the party (attracted to the noise obviously) and that A* cake fight scene at the party of 2 women pulling at each others clothes and smushing cake in each others breasts and stuff, seriously they might as well of just had them mud fight for that scene as it was clearly a scene for the men. The acting is so bad it’s good which in turn means the film falls into that it’s so bad it’s actually good category as well. Just look at the poster picture for this film, it’s screaming, SCREAMING for you to watch it. You’ll love it, I promise. mpvgr

4. Tormented – This film is amazing, I watched it on the fly when I saw it pop up on the horror channel (which notoriously plays really bad, low budget films) and I found myself instantly hooked. Whilst at the time I didn’t realise it this film has Alex Pettyfer as one of the bullies in the film (only upon looking back at it now and seeing the cast list that I’m like oh shit yeah, how did I miss that) if you don’t know who that is, he’s the star actor in I am number Four, Beastly, he plays the kid in Magic Mike. He’s a great actor bless him, but I can’t believe that he was in this film (lmao) the acting is typically british, the usual bullies, bitches, student head kind of thing… But the funniest thing about this film? The ghost is of the kid who they all bullied who committed suicide, he was asthmatic and upon an earlier day before he died he lost one of his inhalers in sort of like a common room for the students, when he’s fighting he starts having an asthmatic attack (He’s a fucking ghost for christs sake) and finds his lost inhaler, tokes on it and is okay… it’s just so funny to watch this ghost stressing out because he can’t breathe… HE’S A DAMN GHOST. You’ve got to watch this film to really soak in the glory of it, you will not be disappointed I promise.tormented

5. Last, but not least for this month. Train to Busan – I will literally keep forcing this on people until they bloody well watch it. This film is amazing, it’s so well done and it is just an awesome zombie film to add to your collection (do not watch the animated seoul station though – that is so bad it’s not even good) You’ll naturally have to watch this with subs because it’s a korean horror film, but it’s honestly so worth it. The acting is amazing, especially the people who play the zombies… Like some serious hats off to the guys playing the zombies on that train and at the stations… seriously amazing.



  So that about sums us all up for this month, I’ll drop you some cool horrors next month to check out as well don’t worry! Thanks for coming back again people! 

Much Love to you all!

Terri =(^.^)=


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