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My Top 5 Xmas Films

Hello! And welcome back to my blog, so just because I missed the start of December to really get into the blogmas (and considering this year is the first year I’m feeling christmassy in about 15 years) doesn’t mean you’re not going to get some really christmas related posts! So here we go, my TOP 5 christmas films. Not in order, just my 5 favourite films at christmas.


  1. The Grinch! – Who doesn’t love this film? For years I felt so connected to this because everyone’s cheer and love for everything Christmas related really really grated on me because I hadn’t enjoyed Christmas in years. Like if I didn’t have children I would never of put my Christmas Tree up or bought any presents, I absolutely hated it. But since moving into our new house, having all the space and just generally being less stressed and a lot happier with where we live now I am excited for Christmas, even if we are poor poor people this time of year right now. I can’t wait for Christmas Day, spending it with my little family in the morning and going to my sister’s for Christmas dinner and having a festive drink… I’m excited, yes that’s right, get the doctors because I’ve not said that since I was a kid!Grinch-Stole-Christmas-Jim-Carrey-Set-Behavior-Therapy
  2. The Nightmare Before Christmas – This is one of those films that we watch twice a year (much to my partners dismay because he can’t stand Tim Burton films) I’ve always loved this film and I used to watch it on Christmas Eve every year growing up, but now me and my eldest watch it on Halloween (because he’s a skeleton who dresses like a fine gentleman and lives in Halloween Town, c’mon) AND we watch it on Christmas eve, because well he basically hi-jacks Christmas from Santa and makes a right mess. It’s a fun story, the animation is great and who doesn’t LOVE singing a long to all the songs?? I remember I made my partner put the CD in his car for ages just so I could sing a long to the songs all year round whilst we went around Shifnal and Telford.. It was great (pretty sure he was contemplating my murder) NVC
  3. The Snowman – I don’t actually know many people that dislike this film, not the newer one that they did but the original, plain, The Snowman. I have loved this film since young. Every Christmas my dad would tune in on the TV JUST to watch this and then be done with telly for the day again. It’s just a magical story of a boys Snowman coming alive and showing him wonderful views and fun, you’re a grinch if you don’t like this film. (that is indeed aimed at my partner)snowman
  4. Arthur Christmas – I didn’t watch this film until couple of years ago, L wanted to watch it because he hadn’t seen it before and you know, I’m glad I did because I loved this film. It’s so quirky and funny and really drives home the importance of Christmas, to be with your family, to keep the magic alive for these little kids no matter what.. Which is why I have been getting more Christmassy over the years – for the kids because if I can keep the magic alive for years to come then I will, because it’s amazing watching little kids eyes light up when they meet ”Santa” or when ”Santa” has been.arthur christmas
  5. Gremlins – Yes! I almost forgot about this gem, I love this film as I’m sure most of you do! Kid gets Gizmo and is given a strict set of rules and doesn’t follow them 100% and look at the mess that causes? Kinda like when you give the kids a strict set of rules and they just don’t follow them and cause havoc… It’s a mess haha! I don’t need to push out an explanation on this film as I haven’t met a single person who HASN’T seen this film, you know what it’s about, everyone knows the cute little guy.Gremlins-Movie-1984-Gizmo-Original-Villain  Well! There you have it people, my top 5 Christmas films. What are your must watches around the Christmas period? Leave a note in the comments, on Twitter or on my facebook or Insta! Until Next Time! 

    Terri =(^.^)=


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