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Kdrama Picks This Month!

Hello again, this one is for the kdrama lovers. Today’s post will focus on the top picks of this month for you. I have watched a lot of drama and this could give you some new things to watch, I hope you enjoy! As always could you leave a like, comment and share away. Thank you!

I’m going to give you 5 dramas each month to watch, I will give you my rating out of 5 stars, and why you should watch them! let’s begin.

So I missed some prime picks for October, which I could of dropped some very supernaturally inclined cool dramas, so I will get round to pushing you in the direction of those next year at some point. The month is December and to me this month is a rather romantic kind of month, with the cold weather, snuggles and warm drinks watching films and enjoying each others company so what better to pick for you than 5 REALLY good romance dramas (I mostly watch romantic dramas for your information so I’m pretty emotionally involved in these dramas) As always there is no particular order to which I put these, I just write them down in any order.

  1. Descendants of the Sun – I give this a 5/5 because not only are the main couple adorable to watch and fall in love with but the second couple is loveable and you just find yourself wanting more of them as well and really rooting for them. As with most of the dramas there is a nice amount of comedy in here that would get you chuckling and enough tension to make you sit at the end of your seat anticipating the worst. It’s a military based drama (the main 2 guys from the 2 couples are in the army and the second lead female also) What also really got me with this drama is that the main couple became a real couple and got married and I’ve never been so emotionally involved in something that I squeaked in excitement when it was announced that they would be getting married. It couldn’t of been more perfect if it tried.dos
  2. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? – Another 5/5 to be honest, because as always I only give you the best! I love this drama because it’s not a typical girl fighting for the guys attention, fighting to be with him but instead it’s the guy (the very rich corporate guy) who suddenly realises that he’s in love with her and is trying to do everything to keep her close. It’s both funny to see the lengths he will go to (which yes includes kind of stalking her when she’s on dates) I really think this is one you can’t miss out on. :3why-secretary-kim-poster-COVER-2
  3. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo – 5/5 because the story is so cute, the leads are adorable. It’s like opposites attract, and it’s sublime. Helps that I love the lead actor and actress as well because they’re amazing. They did actually fall in love with each other whilst filming this drama and were together for couple of years until they eventually broke up on good terms, but it was sweet whilst it lasted. I can’t really write much about the drama as I would literally just be giving away the story, you should tune in and watch it yourself 😉 It is on netflix and Viki at the moment! Don’t miss out on this beautiful love story.JuAcxwXMSBnkNCy-800x450-noPad
  4. Dokgo Rewind – 4/5 Now don’t get me wrong, the only reason that this got a 4 instead of a 5 is because it’s just not long enough for me. I was so invested, it was a cute love and it has kick ass fights in it. The main guy basically has a twin brother and they’re complete opposites, the main guy is a school drop out and a BOSS at fighting but is in fact really intelligent. His twin is the top student, good at studying, good grades, good to his family and friends. It’s a short sort of web series but definitely needs to be watched for sehun and his kickass moves and devilishly good looks.aa9e0a8b6e58db0769bd54264a565d7803642df9r1-768-512v2_hq
  5. Revenge Note 2 – 5/5 Yeah, there is a season 1 but to be honest you don’t need to watch the first one (it’s not as good) because they don’t lead into each other really. Characters are different it’s just basically similar situation as to why the revenge note appears. Revenge note is basically an app on your phone that pops up when you’ve been dealt some pretty crappy hands (wrongfully accused ect) it picks someone. They put the name into the app and boom, revenge is carried out, but in the funniest ways possible! The second season also has a funny little love triangle going on between the lead girl(who has the revenge note app) and 2 brothers who live next door to her. I love the romance as it changes a seemingly badass kid who couldn’t care less for people or school into this shy loving boy who suddenly starts becoming happy and a part of the family once more. Samuel is one of the brothers in this drama! So what’s not to love.cover-revenge-note-2Thank you for being here, love to see you all again soon. Look out for next months top 5 dramas to watch. Till then.


    Love to you all!

    Terri =(^.^)=


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