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I’m Back Suckers!


Yes, it is me, Terri, tottzilla, the weirdo behind Rambles of a Sociopath, I have returned. Told you I’d be back before Christmas, I’d say I’m just in time for blogmas, but I’ve already missed prime posting and planning time now… So it’s just going to be the same rambles of nonsense that you are all used to!


So as you know, I took a short (like 2 months, sorry) break because I was moving house, well I was super stressed as well so I took a longer time off than I actually wanted to haha, but I feel I’m coming back in a better frame of mind, my sense of humour is a little more warped, I binge eat a bit too much whilst I write these things so I’ve put a post it note on my notebook telling me to get my fat ass up and DANCE.

Dance is my go to exercise now, kpop dance, I’m not the best but you watch out because once I’ve lost all this weight and I’m super fit you’ll all be in trouble because I got some dance moves up my sleeve. I like to think I’m cooler at dancing than I am, like I can dance but because I’m so chunky it just looks like a sweaty, out of breath mess happening.



I look forward to catching up on all you guys have been doing, I hope you all return to me to read my weird unorganised mess.

Much Loves To You All!


Terri =(^.^)=


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