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Less Stress WOOOW

So after actually looking for a house to move into for 3 years (3 bedrooms) and actually 6 years nearly for just a bigger house in general we have FINALLY, finally found a 3 bedroom house to move in and it has just the kind of room we are looking for. So, after the panic that our landlord gave us about evicting us we managed to find somewhere to move to (thanks to magic me with smooth as butter words) and it’s near family, so near that I’ll be able to open a window and call my sisters name because she will be my next door neighbour haha!

So, I’m going to have to put a massive pause on every single project I had planned for this year unfortunately because I have a house to clean, animals to find homes for (the house we found doesn’t allow pets and if we leave it till we get evicted the pets still won’t be allowed to come with us to emergency housing – I know right, really really fucking shit..So there will just be an emotional mess when I have to say goodbye to my babies so that they have somewhere warm to go) a house to decorate (cleaning and decorating of the new house is so I could get off paying a months rent – I’m poor okay… the landlady said if we cleaned the house and painted it she’d sort everything else out and she’d let me off the month in advance rent so instead of like Ā£1200 it’s dropped to Ā£600 – easier to find that kind of money tbh) I got a house to pack up and move and then a house to sort out so it’s liveable and not just boxes of shit everywhere.

So a new stress is up on me… boxing my house up to move to another location (mind it’s only 10 minutes down the road but still stressful) I am both sad and excited.


So until I return… I love you all! stay awesome! (tomorrows mental health post will be popped up because it’s only fair to stick that up before I leave)

Terri =(^.^)=



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