Mental Health Blues, Mental Health Journey

Guest Post!! before i peace out

So unfortunately I’m cutting my mental health month short with this one last guest post, she is an awesome lady! I’ll be back soon I promise.


Are you a sufferer or does someone you know suffer?

I myself am a sufferer and I know many other people who suffer.

What’s the diagnosis?

I have depression and anxiety. I was only diagnosed at the beginning of this year.

What does that mean for you?

This means to me that I finally have words for how I have been feeling my whole life. This also means I can also get help for this diagnosis.

Give an example of a bad day

A bad day for me means that I struggle to get out of bed, I’m completely unproductive and I take part in no self care for however long this episode lasts for.

Give an example of a good day

A good day I can have which I have been having a lot of recently is a day full of blog work and working on my business. When I’m productive I am always my happiest.

What advice would you bestow onto someone who is suffering from mental health issues?

The advice that I would to anyone suffering is to find someone who you trust and can feel comfortable enough talking to. I have always found talking helps me. I learned this a little too late because I don’t like talking about myself but I am still learning to talk to my boyfriend when I’m feeling down or having a bad day.

Name: Anne Carty

Age: 18

Where you from: Ireland

What’s your favourite colour? My favourite colour is blue.

What’s your favourite animal and why? My favourite animal is a wolf. They are so beautiful and strong.

Greatest accomplishment.

So far my greatest accomplish has been climbing Croagh Patrick. This was my first ever hike and I couldn’t believe it when I reached the summit. I would have given up before I even reached half way. My boyfriend was the one who pushed me forward and kept me going.

Do you have a dream? What is it?

My dream is to travel the world and make money while doing by becoming my own boss, running my blog and my business!

What’s your top 5 songs to chill to you put on when having a bad day?

Down with the sickness – Disturbed

The River – Good Charlotte ft M shadows

Battle Cry – Angel Haze ft Sia

Solo – Clean Bandit ft Demi Lovato

Zombie – The Cranberries.

So, that’s my posts now until I’ve fully settled in at the new house and got my internet sorted and what not, I’ll be back as soon as I can I promise but all projects will probably be on hold till after Christmas if I’m honest.

Love to you all!

Terri =(^.^)=



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