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Following the fact that this was supposed to be posted sometime Friday, sorry I have had crippling toothache and my face is swollen, it completely slipped my mind so I’ll post it late today.

Our Guest poster today for my Mental Health month is One Dads View, I sent out a list of questions for the people who wanted to be involved in this months guest posts and One Dads View couldn’t of popped those questions back in a better way, the idea is that I give the questions but the way you answer them that I’m looking for is spinning it into a sort of tale, you know, so it’s not just one word or one sentence answers 😉 He did just that and I’ll give you his answers now. Hope you enjoy!

The questions that I sent out to everyone were :

The first q&a is for mental health.
1. Are you a sufferer or does someone you know suffer?
2. What’s the diagnosis?
3. What does that mean for you?
4. Give an example of a bad day
5. Give an example of a good day.
6. What advice would you bestow onto someone who us suffering from mental health issues ?

Now it’s get to know the person not the illness.
1. Name,  age, where you from?
2. What’s your favourite colour?
3. What’s your favourite animAl and why?
4. Greatest accomplishment?
5. Do you have a dream? What is it?
6. What’s your top 5 songs to chill you put when having a bad day?
And here’s what he answered with.

”  I’m a sufferer of what can probably be summarised as health anxiety relating to my heart.  Whilst I haven’t been “officially” diagnosed by a GP I’ve visited them often enough and done a lot of research to understand and accept what I have. 

  I’ve always been a little paranoid about my heart due to family history, my Mothers partner dying suddenly relatively young and witnessing someone die of a heart attack.  Eight years ago I had an incredibly stressful period in my job and started experiencing what took me 8 years to work out – etopic heart beats. I’ve been to numerous doctors in that time who diagnosed things like anxiousness and indigestion.  It was only last year after a prolonged period of etopic heart beats that I went private and had numerous tests which finally resulted in the diagnosis.

  I’m writing this having had them return recently. They effect me in a way that when they occur my sub conscious goes into overdrive and I experience a kind of prolonged panic attack. Dizziness, faint, pressure in chest, tingling, lack of concentration etc etc.  It can last anywhere from a few mins to a few hours. My brain is trying to tell me that they’re harmless but it’s a struggle actually truly believing this. 

On a good day they rarely bother me at all although I think I’m always in some sort of state of wondering if they’ll return. I try not to let them stop me from living life as best as I can.  I find exercise and a change of scenery helps.  Basically anything that keeps me occupied so I throw myself into plenty of things. Being a Father now certainly helps with this.

My advice on Mental Health would be to try and understand your own body and mind. If you need to keep revisiting health professionals then do so.  Also, there are some great information sources outt here for anxiety. I found a website called which I found really helped me. Finally talk to someone, don’t suffer alone. 

So who am I then?  Well, my name is Neil, I’m in my early forties and I live in the North East of England. My favourite colour is probably teal. I have no idea why apart from the fact my spare room was that colour a while ago and it looked amazing…. My favourite animal is the Cheetah. I remember being fascinated as a youngster at how fast they could go!

My greatest accomplishment is becoming a Dad, without question. My Daughter is five and we have such an amazing relationship. Second would be travelling to Vegas alone in my early thirties. I was quite shy at the time and it did me the world of good. 

My one big dream at the moment is early retirement. There’s so much that I want to do and experience.  I’m not bothered about being mega rich, just having enough to get by and live fairly comfortably.  An ideal non work week living the dream would involve coffee shops, reading, walking and trying new things, photography for example. 

In terms of Music I have quite an eclectic taste and because I need distraction during the dark times I play things like the Greatest Showman soundtrack, 80s power ballads or 90s dance.  Something to get me completely in the moment of singing and dancing.  Off the top of my head:

This is the greatest show

Toto – Africa

Axwell – Something new

Journey – Don’t stop believing

Sash – Equador

It’s been really awesome getting to know some more about Neil at One Dads View, I’m very thankful that he took part. If you want to check out his super cool and awesome blog and twitter I’ll leave the links below.

Twitter : @One_Dads_View

Blog :

As Always, Love to you all!

Terri =(^.^)=




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