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Top Picks This Month (kdrama)

Hello again, this one is for the kdrama lovers. Today’s post will focus on the top picks of this month for you. I have watched a lot of drama and this could give you some new things to watch, I hope you enjoy! As always could you leave a like, comment and share away. Thank you!

I’m going to give you 5 dramas each month to watch, I will give you my rating out of 5 stars, and why you should watch them! let’s begin.


1. Goblin – I give this a whole 5/5 because this had me hooked from episode one. Not only do you fall in love with the characters but the music is amazing and fits so well with the show. It’s a sad tragic filled love story, so have those tissues at the ready, you will cry buckets for them but it’s bitter sweet and does have a lovely ending to make you feel complete inside. Warning you will get Goblin withdrawals after watching this stellar performance.


2. While You Were Sleeping – another 5/5 from me and not just because I have a massive crush on the lead guy but this also had me hooked from the very first episode. The love story in this one isn’t so tragic but there are definitely parts that will have you balling your eyes out for them. The cast all round is amazing and you’ll be at the edge of your seat needing more of Lee Jong Suk in your life once you’ve finished this.


3. Oh My Venus! – 5/5 I’m only giving you the best right now, this didn’t drag me in from episode one but is also one that captures your heart. There’s heartache and really cute moments and some may be able to relate to the lead lady, she’s funny and the main guy is funny as well with a tragic back story. It’s all round good and it will have your heart melting for all the guys. (Is on Netflix at the moment!)


4. Blood – 5/5 I was actually so hooked that I finished this in a couple of days, it certainly has it’s sad moments like all kdrama but it also has it’s evil villains that make you shout ill will at them and hope that they get their come uppance soon! The lead characters are fantastic in this. The lead guy is a vampire so, if you love yourself some vampires this is definitely the drama for you! (This is on Netflix as well at the moment – Last time I checked)


5. W – Two Worlds – 5/5 And last but not least, this is another lead role for Lee Jong Suk, he is amazing in this role. Thie drama is a flip between the real world and a famous web cartoon in the program, (which are popular in korea) and is filled with characters for you to fall in love with. The lead lady is fantastic in this role too. It’s full of happy and sad moments so have the tissues ready but it’s definitely worthy of a top 5 for this month.


Thank you for being here, love to see you all again soon. Look out for next months top 5 dramas to watch. Till then.


Love to you all!

Terri =(^.^)=



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