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I’m Back… Kind of! Sorry

I’m such a bad blogger, I’ve been absent for almost 2 weeks but honestly my mental health has been that shit recently that I just couldn’t function properly so instead decided to do an intense clean and blitz of my house, which by the way still looks very lived in because I live with a bunch of slobs apparently.


ANYWAY! I’m back, kind of… Sorry about being away for so long, I stopped posting so frequently on twitter and insta as well, I’ve taken a huge step back from facebook… I’m sorry if I’ve made you all feel unloved, you are very much loved by me I can promise you.

Today we’ll just do a general catch up…

SO! Who’s excited for the kids to be going back to school? You? Me? Everyone?! I know I’m over the moon, my 5yo and 2yo the past 2 weeks have literally been driving me up the wall with their arguing and fighting… Anyone else’s kids get like that? I mean they on/off fight with each other daily but it’s been like world war III in my house past couple of weeks.

We ran out of “fun” things to do, their bedroom still looks like squatters have claimed their rights, and I only got the 5yos uniform yesterday (and not even all of it, I had to order some through the school website which will take like 2 weeks to be delivered to the school… I’m so bad, I completely forgot about it tbh – head’s been elsewhere honestly)

Mental health is still shit, nobody has contacted me, nobody has referred me for anything and my family came close to ringing the Crisis Team again when I had a bit of a trip the one day and was sat talking “to myself” outside…. (To me I was actually talking to someone/ I don’t know, it’s all a touch fuzzy if I’m honest) But they managed to calm me down, deal with me (I say deal because I’m an absolute fucking nightmare to be around when my mental health is being a bit of a dick)

I haven’t really gone out, wanted to go out, spoken to people, done anything with my life if I’m honest… I’ve become a bit of a recluse again, binge watching kdrama, sitting and watching kpop videos (live music, MV’S and variety shows) and I’ve played some Overwatch… I’m slowly slowly becoming that nerdy little shut in that nobody likes again, but to be honest, I prefer to be inside doing things that I like… I don’t like going outside, a lot of the time it’s not my anxiety stopping me, it’s just I don’t like people so why would I go outside. My general health has been a bit bleh as well, my chest’s been tight, I’ve had to use my inhaler several times over the past few days and the other day I had to put my face mask on for the first time in months (damn dust and pet hair and shit making my chest worse)

But hey ho, I’m still alive and haven’t abandoned you all! This month I’m going to be TRYING to do a mental health month, I’d really really love it, and I mean LOVE it if you could participate in this. I already have one person lined up to be a guest and I’d love to have a few more.

Thanks for your time today, as always it’s a bunch of rambling nonsense but I love you!

Terri =(^.^)=



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