Random Posts

By The End Of The Year…

Hey all, welcome back to another random ass post from me! This is replacing my sunday usual post this week because I haven’t really done anything fun with the family this week down to being busy and our eldest being off at London having fun with Nanny.. Boo… Enjoy! x

Goals By The End Of The Year

  1. I want to ready to take my driving test by the end of the year, I really do and I think if I keep to a lesson a week I should be test ready by the end of the year, maybe take it in January!
  2. I want a better understanding of my mental health, I also want doctors to start listening to me when I speak and not just assuming and mis diagnosing me!
  3. I want to of ticked off a few things on my bucket list by the end of this year. Not all of them just some, so I’m making some kind of progress.
  4. I want to at least once be apart of blogmas, I reckon it would be really fun!
  5. 2 stone, that’s all I’m asking… I want to of lost at least 2 stone by the end of this year.
  6. I want to feel more comfortable in my own skin, and not pick my body apart so much.
  7. I want to be more positive! Instead of all doom and gloom!

Till Next Time!

Love to you all!

Terri =(^.^)=


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