Item Review

Nuby Teething Dummy&Gel

Welcome to our Thursday line up, today we shall be doing a quick little review of the Nuby Teething Dummy and the Teething Gel that comes with it.

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Our lovely test subject for this item is our little 8 month old baby Ezra, who is teething so bad and in so much pain that I’m willing to just throw money around and away just to ease his pain even if it’s in the slightest.

Personally, I’d only give this a rating of about 3/5 … And I’ll explain why now.

Ezra did not like the texture of it, like it has different ridges for the different teeth that will be coming through, but he absolutely HATED it. I mean this may be different for other children but personally my child hated it and would of rather chewed something sharp.

Maybe as improvement they could consider doing a harder version, it’s very squidgey and bends all over the place and I’m only speculating because I don’t speak very fluent baby, but maybe that’s why he didn’t like it. I tried with the gel and without the gel and he disliked both the times.

My overall thoughts are, hey, you wanna chuck Β£5 at something that probably won’t last more than a week go for it, I’ve actually heard that amber teething bracelets work wonders so I’m thinking that’s the next line of attack for Ezzy’s teething pains.

Can anyone conclude what the amber teething bracelets are like ? Drop me a comment below.

Love to you all!

Terri =(^.^)=


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