Hey, as you know originally Tuesday was going to be my mealtimes with the whitehouses but… Honestly I can’t keep up with it, generally our nice big cooked (from scratch by me) meal is random days and I always forget to take pictures and jot how I did it, what I added ect. So, now we are replacing it with Fashion & Beauty, because I am passionate about both of them. Enjoy your read. x


Now, over the years my fashion taste has altered as I have become more comfortable and gave less of a shit about what other people think of the way I dress, as you may of noticed a lot more recently. I am a 26 year old woman who has 3 children and by God, I will wear the most childish t-shirts, dresses, hairstyles and accessories. Do I care about you laughing at me when I have my headphones on? Thinking I can’t hear you calling me a special case of stay at home… Those words would hurt me but yano, fuck you you’re like half my age, I’ll end you with a glare and tell yo mama on you.

Did you know that a lot of my fashion taste including accessories and stuff is actually heavily influenced by Japan and Korea? No? Well, now you do! I watch a lot of K-drama and J-drama and practically live off of kpop so it stands to reason that I would see some of those cute ass outfits and be like…. I WANT THIS LEVEL OF CUTENESS.

For anyone who hasn’t actually met me in person…. I am very childish, I have a very young face, and I do childish but sometimes cute noises and gestures, so cut me some slack right?

Did you also know that I’m a massive nerd and I cosplay? Yeah, that happens… I get super excited cosplaying my favourite anime and game characters and I make no effort to hide this fact, nor will I. I don’t do no furry dress up, but look up rei from high school of the dead, that’s my favourite cosplay I’ve done to date and I’ve done Misty from Pokemon, Nurse Joy from Pokemon, and I’ve even done Soul Caliber Cosplays before. Next step is I want to cosplay as Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil 0 :3

Back to the cute and childish me, did you know that I am literally obsessed with cute, childish hair clips and chokers? I have pink pom pom bobbles, felt star clips that dangle more stars, cat clips, plastic star clips, hello kitty clips. My chokers are generally adultish, excluding of course my Sailor Moon one which is my favourite choker to date.

You can never own too many shoes, bags and accessories. I keep trying to explain to my partner that different things go with different clothes and sometimes it just flat out depends on the mood I’m in as to how I wanna dress and accessorise that outfit. #sorrynotsorry

Did you know that I also design clothing? I literally have loads of clothing designs that I’ve done but lack the actual courage to make them… It’s one of my bucket list items for the next 2 years.

Sometimes it can take me up to 3 hours to get ready in the morning, especially if I’m going out. This comes from carefully selecting what I’ll wear and trying at least 5 different things on before confirming the first item was the best.

Right, now onto my skincare…. I’m 26 years old but you know what, I use both day and night cream for wrinkles and to basically stop my skin from ageing… Yeah I’m that self concious of my appearance. Weekly, I use deep tissue face masks or the ones you just rub all over your face to destress and detox the skin. I spend practically a fortune on my skin and I pride myself in how clear it is, even though I wear make up daily.

Mostly my make up is general and barely noticeable, I have a light bb cream to sort of blend any impurities of my face, sometimes I’ll wear bronzer and mascara but usually I just use my bb cream and a very pale pink lipstick (asda own brand, matte finish, smooch) It kind of just gives me this innocent appearance, which is nice.

(This post is longer than I even intended, I am so sorry haha! but there you go my belated Tuesday post)


Love to you all!

Terri =(^.^)=





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