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My calming music right now

Hey, welcome back to my blog, today is a bitty post kind of day on top of ,your usual scheduled posts. Today’s post will focus on my play list for when I am really stressed, music that calms me and helps me chill out and just breathe. It’s not to everyone’s taste I will admit as I listen to a lot of Korean music, but I’ll chuck in some English songs too! Enjoy! X

I wait – Day6 ~ these are one of my favourite Korean bands currently, not just because I am practically in love with Sungjin, but their music is catchy and a lot of it is so calming. Their voices are beautiful and this song in particular is Japanese and English (mostly english) you should definitely give it a chance, it’s beautiful – whilst you’re there try congratulations and you were beautiful the English covers they did recently.

Shotgun- George Ezra ~ now, I don’t listen to much English music and I’m very behind on what’s fresh and popular but this song is actually perfect and it was my partner who got me listening to George Ezra recently. My youngest child is actually called Ezra, not after him but after a fictional character in Pretty Little Liars (you should watch this if you haven’t already) this song really chills me out when I’m having a bad day, well pretty much all his music does.

Sssnakepit – Enter Shikari ~ right now I’ll drop this here, it’s not mellow but you know I’m so calm after this song it’s unreal. I love pretty much all of Shikari songs, don’t write them off okay? I’m going with my best friend to see these guys live in February I’m super excited for it.

Shine – Pentagon ~ this is a full on Korean song but I kid you not, catchy as hell. It does help if you can understand a bit of Korean (I’m currently learning Korean and watch a lot of Korean dramas and have picked up on a lot of words and phrases that are used a lot) but if you don’t understand Korean, watch the video on YouTube with closed captions, the lyrics are cute and the dance is awesome.

Paper hearts – Jungkook cover ~ his voice is beautiful and you should check all his covers, he’s from one of my favourite Korean groups called BTS, who recently have hit the globe by storm. He’s young and he is very cute and his covers are simply amazing. Check him out and then check BTS out if you haven’t already.

Eyes, nose, lips – Eric Nam ~ this is an English cover by a Korean artist, the original artist is Taeyang and that version is beautiful as well. The lyrics are nice and it’s a very calming song.

So there you have it, some insight into what calms me down, check the artists out and give them some love. You’ll be surprised at just how relaxing these songs can really be.

Till next time, love to you all

Terri =(^.^)=



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