Motivational Monday

I hate Mondays

I hate Mondays,  they’re boring… I do my food shopping on a Monday usually. God how I hate food shopping, our 5 year old usually comes with me, and he seems to of reached the age where he tries to sneak stuff into our trolley, like I won’t notice or something. I’m soft and I just go along with it like I haven’t seen him shove a big 24 pack of crisps into the trolley. As you do, but it’s so boring and I have such bad anxiety … so this is why I have decided on motivational Mondays, because no one likes a Monday.

So you get up, you get out there and do you! You got it, the quicker you can push through the week, the quicker you can knock back a beer, or 2 bottles of wine if you’re like me!!

So here are some memes for you to laugh at, but not too hard otherwise you’re wasting perfectly good coffee! Enjoy and see you next time.

Love to you all!


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