Sunday Funday

Adventure to the big park

Here we are on Sunday,Β  you know what that means. SUNDAY FUNDAY!


So what fun thing did we do this week, we decided it was beautiful weather and that it was such a shame to stay in so we went to the big town park in Telford with 2 of their cousins. We were having that much fun we didn’t realise we needed the toilet, or that we had been out at the park for over 3 hours πŸ€—

The kids decided to split into groups, Lucas was with Sophia in the sand pit most of the afternoon and Theo took his cousin scarlet on every slide. … 15+ times.

Even me and my best friend enjoyed the time out, even if we were both shattered with headaches when we got home.Β  What mattered was the kids had fun and they got plenty of fresh air and exercise!

The bus ride home was funny because Lucas, Theo and Sophia were all falling asleep on the way back so we all burst into song, singing Theo’s favourite, the wheels on the bus.

Safe to say everyone had an early ish night Friday ! I walked the girls home which took me 30 minutes there and back and Theo had tucked himself in on the floor with a pillow and blanket and gone to sleep.

Were trying to plan at least one outdoor fun activity a week, so the kids aren’t stuck inside vegetating like the teenagers have been this summe holidays.

See you next week for Sunday Funday!

Love to you all!!

Terri =(^.^)=


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