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You’re either Disney or you’re not

  Hey again, welcome back. I really appreciate all the love you guys show me over on here, twitter and facebook. It really means a lot that someone else is willing to listen to my ramblings, I mean, my partner pretty much signed himself up for them so he doesn’t get a choice, at least this way I’m not laying it all out on him! Enjoy your stay, Like, Follow and share if you would, I would really REALLY appreciate it. Thanks. x

  Everyone that I have met has either been a Disney fan or they can’t stand it, I’ve never met a person who is in between on the argument. So question is, are you Disney?

I’m not talking about just the recent stuff after they just outright bought everything and became even more awesome, I mean are you Disney in general? Right down to Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast.

My partner can’t stand Disney films, the kids of course love Disney films and I’m quite happy to sit all day in our jimmy jams watching them all day. I sing a long, sometimes we dance to, my partner just tutts and sighs and looks like a grumpy old man. Why?!

Disney films are amazing, they’re light hearted, they have catchy tunes, they’re colourful and bright. They appeal to so many people so why is it that some people just can’t stand them? I don’t understand the pure hatred some people have for Disney films, like they’re a scourge on the earth or something.

So, What’s your favourite Disney film? Hard to decide isn’t it? How about we work it this way, what are your top 10 Disney films that you have no problem watching time and time again, even if you only saw it 2 days ago? Here’s mine below, not in any particular order, because I can never decide which I like more.

1. Beauty and the Beast

2. The Aristocats

3. Mulan

4. Hercules

5. Bambi

6. The Fox and the Hound

7. Alice In Wonderland

8. The Little Mermaid

9. The Jungle Book

10. Dumbo

Now I haven’t placed them in an order, I just really love these 10 Disney films. I love the stories, the songs, they just always make me smile when I’m down.

So, are you a Disney fan? Why don’t you leave me a comment with what your top 10 Disney films are and see if we have any in common! (This whole post was written whilst watching Mulan – Mushu is so funny)

Please come back again soon! Don’t forget to Like,Follow,Share and Comment of course. Share the Love! 

Love to you all! 

Terri =(^.^)=



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