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So, usually I’m a bit of a complete head fuck on here, and it’s disorganised and a bunch of crap really that I post so today we’re going to do some light hearted how’s your week been going.

 So I have been trying to be rather active this week, to keep on top of my step counts and keep my calorie intake below 750 per day, and trying to squeeze in at least an hour and a half of exercise (which can be kind of difficult really having 3 young children)

This week I’ve made it out of the house and into the public eye more than once (which is a damn accomplishment I must say)

Monday, Me and L managed to go shopping together, it wasn’t a fun experience whilst waiting for the taxi home as he kicked off about not liking his half eaten sandwhich he begged for me to buy from tesco… but it was mostly pleasant. I went out with my best friend and did a skip run (I think it was monday this week, honestly I’m not entirely sure my memory is failing me terribly this week)

Tuesday, I was productive, sorted some of the house stuff out and did some house work (mind I got fed up half way through doing something and took a nap but baby steps)

Wednesday, I’m sure I did something productive on wednesday, I’m just not really sure what it was….

Thursday, I was shattered, I barely slept the night before so I did a lot of daytime nappy time… and still slept 5 hours atleast that night to. ;/ oops.

Friday, Me and Baby E went up town with my friend Chelsea and little baby Harry, it was a really good afternoon out (tuckered me out so much I took a ”nap” at 5pm – 11pm and then was awake for an hour before falling in and out of sleep for the rest of the night… but oh well!

Saturday, I went to my sisters and upon returning L free went out on a nice walk around Wellington with my best friend doing some pokemon hunting, got a lot of steps in this week to be honest.

Tomorrow; Plan on going on a nice walk, doing some pokemon hunting, hatching some more eggs, getting lots of fresh air, and me and T are going to have some fun in the morning together before I have to go pick his stinky brother L up from my sisters.

I’ve had a pretty light hearted and fun week (even if L and T have been trying to basically murder each other) I have done quite a bit of pokemon hunting (yeah I’m that loser 26 year old that keeps knocking the shit out of your pokemon and claiming the gyms)  So even though it’s dreaded shark week where I’m usually a complete bitch to everyone and everything, where I eat the house and cry randomly I’ve been pretty good! I’m jollier than I usually am this time of month, I’ve been out and done things, I haven’t eaten the house and kept my intake to below 900 calories, I also haven’t been crying randomly, unless a sad scene on one of my drama’s has popped up, but that’s allowed… it’s sad and I’m not the Ice Queen.

Love to you all!

Terri =(^.^)=


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