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Guest Post From Pamie

Hey again, we’re here for another guest blog post by someone suffering various mental health problems. This will be like a good ole Q&A, so I hope you all enjoy it! Read Follow Like And Share the awareness. This week we have a lovely strong lady who I know suffers daily, Pamie. This will be the last one as we’re approaching the end of the month now, I’ll storm up some awesome ideas for next month… Promise. Soooo Enjoy.

1. Introduce yourself! Tell me about yourself and what you’re into 😊

I’m Pamela Anne, I get called Pamie or Annie by my friends. I’m 33 years old, raised in Yorkshire and Fife with my older brother (by our parents), and a bit obsessed with sports haha. I support Aberdeen and Arsenal FC, Denver Broncos (NFL), Denver Nuggets (NBA), Colorado Avalanche (NHL) and Colorado Rockies (MLB). I also enjoy gaming on my PS4 and Xbox One, actually obsessed with the Life is Strange games, I have tattoos, many of them are in relation to my mental health and my family, other things I also enjoy are seeing friends, travelling and photography.

2. What’s your mental health issue? Tell us about it

I was diagnosed with depression, I feel I also have PTSD after witnessing a traumatic event when I was in primary school. I also have health anxiety, social anxiety and panic disorder.

3. When did it start?

I was diagnosed way back in 1995, when I was just 11 years old.

4. How do you feel being diagnosed?

I feel good about having been diagnosed, because I know I’m not just being antisocial, that there is something going on which makes me feel the way I am on occasions.

5. How does it affect your every day life?

I can have good days and bad days, on my good days, I manage to go out with my friends to places like Edinburgh and eat out with them (if it’s not busy), but when I have a bad day, I just want to shut myself away from the world, play my PS4 or my Xbox and just laze the day away.

6. Do others treat you different knowing you have this illness?

I feel I get treated differently by my family who hardly see me (my aunts, uncles etc.) mainly because they cannot see how I am on a daily basis, they all just treat me as though a lot of different things is going on, but I would rather they looked at me as me because I haven’t changed, I just have something different around me, and they seem to tip toe around it. My close family and friends don’t treat me any different because they see/speak to me a lot of the time.

7. What advice would you give to someone suffering the same or similar symptoms that you wish someone had told you?

No matter what the diagnosis, you are still the same person, just limited edition.

8. Do you know of any helpful groups?

I use a website called no more panic, I have met a few people from there who have helped me in recent months. I have actually just recently completed a self-esteem group in my local area which has helped me build my confidence.

9. What are your future plans and goals?

At the moment I am attending a short course at college called Sports Link, from there I’m hoping to go further in the sports industry within the therapy area as I feel what I have been through may help those who have injuries etc.. in their rehabilitation.

Thanks for being awesome and letting us all have a little peek into the life you lead. I wish you all the luck in college and that you get to do all that you want to do. Thank you again for participating in the Mental Health Awareness Month. You’re awesome.

Thanks for reading, following and liking all a long the process of Mental Health Awareness Month people, it’s muchly appreciated. I hope you continue to follow and read about these amazing strong people and their lives.

Love to you all!

Terri =(^.^)=


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