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Exotic Zoo Telford

G’day folks, welcome back to my blog. Today it’s not all doom and gloom it is a review! Yesterday me and my best friend decided to visit the Exotic Zoo! Enjoy my lovelies. x

  So, yesterday me and my best friend decided to visit the Exotic Zoo in Telford, it’s been there like a year and I haven’t once been inside nor has he so we thought we’d pop a long and see what it was like.

Upon getting there we had some confusion on the parking, and we were a bit lost having to go through the garden centre itself to get to the zoo, but trust me once you find it you’ll be pleased, I guarantee.

The pricing is great value, it’s £2.50 per child and £3.50 per adult AND there’s quite a few animals for you to look at. So I say this is good value for that cheap price. Currently they’re building a penguin enclosure, I mean penguins are amazing, for me the only thing that would make this place the best place ever is if they got sharks as they’re my favourite animal. But obviously a little hard to do as they’re such big creatures.

Upon coming in you’re greeted by a friendly staff member who will take your payment to enter, in the entrance part there’s some animal skeletons and fossils (which are super duper awesome to look at) When you step out into the zoo, on the left hand side to kick start your great experience you’ll be greeted by these friendly and cute little chaps.

Meerkats, and yes… they have some baby Meerkats right now and they are just as adorable and fun to watch as you are thinking right now.

The place is easy to navigate, and deceptively bigger than it looks. They have a lovely selection of animals for everyone, there’s a nocturnal part where you can go and see (if your night vision is great I mean – It was a sunny day so our eyes couldn’t adjust well enough) Bush baby (super cute) There’s bats or bat, I could only see the one but Bats are usually pretty social creatures so I’d imagine they have more than just the one I saw, which was a biggun! There’s cute little sugar gliders and a hedgehog.

There’s a section for the people who aren’t afraid of snakes and spiders, they have 8 Black widows, which are super cool and a red kneed tarantula, obviously if you’re not a fan of spiders like me these might freak you out even if they are behind a very thick piece of glass. My mom seems to think that this still isn’t enough containment for her to go see them haha! They have beautiful snakes, there was this one, I can’t quite remember the name but the scales were like a bluey green and it glistened, the snake was absolutely magnificent to look at.

There’s a super friendly miniature donkey who came over to say hello to me whilst his miniature horse pal was off on the other side of the enclosure enjoying to sun and a bit of a munch. We saw some funny little guys, armadillos, one was trying to climb up and escape and making these adorable little noises. We had a rooster with the most beautiful feathers following us around, he was a bit like a tour guide, he even saw us off as we left.

This funny poser climber up to the top of his branch when we went round the corner so that he could still see us, Looked gorgeous and was friendly, he/she was clicking at me and tilting their head as a friendly gesture. There’s some owls which were obviously sleeping when we went there because of them being nocturnal and all.

2 ring tailed lemurs being playful in their enclosure, which if you don’t know are actually on the endangered species list now (so whenever a zoo takes in animals like that to help keep them safe I must applaud them because lemurs are such beautiful creatures) There’s some grumpy looking marmosets who were happy to see us.

  These little adorable things were curled up like this the whole time we were there but honestly, it was so sweet I couldn’t even be upset that I didn’t get to see them running around being playful.

There is a big list of animals there, these are just a few. There’s also turtles, tortoise, little tiny crocodile, a grumpy looking toad wallowing in some water, Wallaby’s – yeah, there’s quite a few of them cuties. Red and Silver foxes, we were only lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the silver one but maybe next time we’ll be able to see the red one also.

The staff that we encountered everywhere were all super friendly and willing to help, on our way towards the exit one of the staff members was holding a meerkat that we could greet and give a little stroke on their head, which was lovely.. They’re so soft and that one in particular was so friendly to me. A couple of meerkats were sharing an enclosure with a skunk (which have adorable faces and beautiful markings) they were all taking a little nap together.

Overall, our experience was amazing, the animals were well fed, well cared for and friendly, the staff were all friendly and happy to help with whatever we needed, the whole experience was definitely value for money. Honestly I’m waiting for the penguins to come and then I’ll be visiting again (that’s not to say that I might not go visit a few more times in between)

I highly recommend this to anyone in telford, it’s just in Priorslee where the garden centre is, it’s a fun experience for adults and children.

Love to you all!

Terri =(^.^)=


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