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Hey! Welcome all, new and old. This post doesn’t have a trigger warning, it’s not terribly long one, it’s more hey, have an update and what not. Enjoy. x

  So, as you know I’ve had a mental breakdown, I have actually been removed from my own home for my own safety (because I am a danger to myself), I’ve been placed with my parents where there’s zero stress, no distractions (like children who I could emotionally damage with my mood swings) I feel more relaxed, I don’t think my mood is as unstable as it was a couple of days ago.

I’m finally getting the help that I think I probably needed a few years ago, they’re super friendly and nice and they listen to everything I have to say even if what I say doesn’t really make too much sense to them. It’s nice.

Yes, I miss my partner, Yes, I miss my kids, Yes, I miss my fur babies…. But I’m taking the advice, I’m taking myself out of all the stress and focusing on myself for a little bit, and I think this is positive, I don’t have to be admitted into hospital, My partner and kids can still come around to my parents house and see me. I’m permitted visitors.

We haven’t actually done a proper care plan just yet, I’m actually still being assessed over the weekend, I think the plan is to try and formulate a proper care plan on the Monday. That’s pretty cool with me, I’ve had a lot of information thrown at me over the past few days, I’m still exhausted from my mental break down (crazy that is)

BUT, I’ve been eating a little better and more regularly, I’ve been drinking more, I’ve been sleeping a bit more, I’m more talkative, I’ve become a little more open, I’m not as withdrawn as I was the other day. I think the crisis team have already had a positive impact on my life and I would deffo recommend them to anyone who was in that kind of a bad way like me few days ago.

They are an excellent service and everyone who works there are absolute diamonds, they’ve been nothing but lovely and understanding towards me. I think I’m a little positive as well because I’m being listened to, I say I don’t trust myself going home and that this won’t happen again so they actually place me in my parents care so people can keep an eye on me and what not.

So, here’s to getting better and taking you on my journey with me, I might do a bit of both the vlogs and blogs as my recovery process, I think it will help me learn to recover better and maybe faster? Also I think that it may help others ? Yano, to seek help when they really need it and stuff.

Okay, that’s longer than I initially intended it to be haha! Hope I didn’t bore you too much my loves.

Love to you all!

Terri =(^.^)=


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