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Cats are right assholes

 Hey! Welcome once again to the rambles of someone who probably shouldn’t be allowed to speak so freely on the internet, I hope you enjoy your stay and like, share and follow.

  So I’ll get right to the point and outright say it. Cats are fucking assholes. I have 3 beautiful ladies, Cupcake, Luna and Gizmo. They’re adorable little things, but they’re downright sent straight from the devil himself.


  Gizmo is the tabby and white one, Luna is the mostly black one and Cupcake is the mostly white one. Now as you look at them you’re probably sat there going “Aww, they’re adorable I could never get or be mad at them” But their looks are deceiving.

  3am, Luna and Gizmo decide it’s time to chase each other around the house, and you can guarantee that everything they touch will be knocked over on to the floor and will make the most noise in the bloody world.

  Cupcake went through a phase of cleaning herself so much, she was pulling the fur out and creating these sores, she looked horrible… Thankfully with a diet change and constantly stopping her from doing it she has finally stopped and looks like a pretty lady of the house again.

  Now all 3 of them have an obsession, I don’t know if it’s the sound it makes or just because they think it’s funny to see me get mad at them… But they all have the obsession with knocking shit on the floor, ESPECIALLY my plates and cups.

  Countless cute mugs have been broken, countless plates have been broken and what for? FOR THEIR OWN AMUSEMENT. They’re assholes.

  And I looked it up and apparently it’s not just my cats that love doing this, but all cats have this fascination with knocking shit on the floor, but why?!

  Apparently, it’s to get a reaction out of the owners… Like my cats don’t get enough of my attention as it is, I’m always playing with them and fussing them. Or it’s down to their hardwired genetics to do with hunting, I could understand that as my cats don’t go outside, as it’s not really safe for them to do so where I live because I live on a main road.

  This still doesn’t give me peace when my cats are hell bent on destroying everything I own, maybe I should just buy a bunch of plastic cutlery, plates and cups… That would bloody show my little spawns of satan!!

Love to you all!

Terri =(^.^)=


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