Old Blog


  So, I thought before I left for hopefully the land of nod (please let me sleep tonight) that I would briefly just let you know how this whole shabang is going to roll.

Firstly, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, expect a lovely organised piece of art here, I’m about as organised as a flock of newly birthed chicks trying to follow mama bird into a pond.

Secondly, Coherant? I can be, but don’t expect it all the time, sometimes a post will be that far out there you’ll look at it and read it 4 times and still think that a drunk person put that together. Things rum through my mind like Marty speeding back in time.

Thirdly, I will probably swear… I can’t help myself sometimes. I am sorry.

Fourthly, is that even a word, it doesn’t sound like a word… It’s a word now if it isn’t already. My kids will randomly pop up like all the time, no matter what the post is about because my 5 year old says some of the craziest things. I find him hilarious, I think he’s going to be a comedy genious one day.

One day I might post about how the world is all rainbows and unicorns then the next day I might retreat back to my dark and brooding self and hit you with some real shit. (see I can’t help myself)

I like to joke around a lot, in fact, you’ll probably find that I often poke fun of my own mental health issues, it’s a coping mechanism and helps me, slightly. If you have funnies to tell me, please do.. totally thinking of doing stand up and I need a great set of jokes for my act.

Animal lover? Welcome, I will post some crazy photo’s and the antics of my pets. I have 4.

I have 3 cats, Cupcake, Luna and Gizmo. And a big silly dog called Bren. You will become well aquanted over this blog, I promise. (Gizmo is the picture, she’s super photo genic so why wouldn’t I show her off)

Anyway, regardless to how unorganised and crazy I may seem at times, I really hope you enjoy reading my blog and about my life managing (or having it managed by my partner) my mental health, caring for 4 cool pets and 3 kickass little dudes.

Love to you all!

Terri =(^.^)=


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